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  • “…Maskalyk is a natural, fluent writer…” – The London Review of Books

    Reading it is rather like sitting through an episode of ER. You marvel at the responsibility placed on these brave volunteers, summoned from their tukuls in the early hours to deal with the victims of a marketplace shooting. You shudder vicariously at the pus and the gore, delivered with a just manageable dose of medical jargon. You share Maskalyk’s sense of defeat as he calls time over the body of yet another emaciated Sudanese mother who has failed to survive childbirth, and his sense of release as he unwinds with his equally exhausted peers, gazing at the stars.

  • “…carefully crafted, often poetic…a moving reflection..” – The Scotsman

    The prose in his messages is carefully crafted, often poetic, always deliberate – self-conscious, sometimes. It gained a following far beyond his inner circle. What matters here is what he does with it – making it the core of a bigger story, a moving reflection written back home after an experience he always knew would be life-changing.