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  • “… extraordinary book….”

    “This is an extraordinary book, a piercingly authentic account of the fear, confusion and hope of a young doctor newly deployed to a humanitarian crisis wrapped around by a war. James Maskalyk’s commitment to survival – his own as well as his patients’ – illuminates this account of doctoring in the sort of desperate place […]

  • “….paints a picture so vividly that it becomes hard to look away…..”

    “Six Months in Sudan is a wrenchingly heartbreaking account of distant agonies almost too pointed to grasp. Learning about Maskalyk’s work there is stirring, but the real miracle is this book paints a picture so precisely and vividly that it becomes impossible to look away. This is Maskalyk’s accomplishment, and his gift to the Sudanese […]

  • “…..a rare window on the inner life of an aid worker….”

    “Maskalyk’s soft prose is beautiful and invites with the right intimate details. He offers a rare window on the inner life of an aid worker, on what it means to be a humanitarian around the hard edges of war, and on the certain drive to go on. Why? Because in his words, `hope not only […]